Heading to Akaroa …

It is now the first morning in Christchurch, I slept well and the sun is shining. Before I forget a few remarks on the flight from Bangkok to Christchurch.
From my window seat I managed to see the iconic Sydney Opera house, my poor neighbour who had to suffer and the other side of him … let’s say a drunken old man, kind of reminded me of a typical Glasgow drunk, who would talk to anything that moved, at least you didn’t start singing. and the best meal on a plane so far from Sydney to Christchurch, though it is also such a balancing act.
Mum, I got your message and I’m so pleased that you enjoy reading these diary entries.
So I’ll have my breakfast now and then I want to head out to visit a shopping centre and then spend the day in Akaroa which is 1 1/2 hours drive away.


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